Nice to meet you!

I'm Robbert van Geldrop, an entrepreneur, software developer and investor. 

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About me

Entrepreneur, speaker, investor

I'm an entrepreneur and software developer. I wrote his first lines of codes on an Atari ST when Iwas 8 years old. I founded my first company at the age of 19. 

I also started the first Lean Startup Circle meetup group in continental Europe in an effort to create closer ties with other entrepreneurs facing the tough challenges of building a business.

I invest in software startups and give talks about my experience and how to quickly validate your business idea.

Business Case Calculator

As invested in several SaaS companies over the years I've noticed that calculating all the SaaS metrics to justify investment decisions can be challenging. 

As such, I've built an online calculator for this, which also explains how all the metrics work. 

Check out the calculator! 

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From Signal To Evidence

I wrote an ebook for aspiring entrepreneurs who are at the brink of launching a business around an innovative idea and are about to sink their life savings, corporate careers and most importantly, their valuable time.

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My portfolio

These are the startups I've invested in.


Build full-featured chat into your websites and mobile apps.

Sprinklr delivers the greenest green!


Eco-movement is the data aggregator and data provider of charging stations for electric vehicles in Europe.


Firmhouse builds the platform to test the viability of subscription propositions, and scale them when successful.


For transport & logistic companies, NEXTdriver is the continuous online driving coach to empower drivers to achieve more. 


The channel automation platform that makes life easier for brands & resellers. 

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Want to get in touch?

You can reach me best through Twitter or LinkedIn:
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